How to catch 'ExpatError exception' (handling)

ElementTree와 같은 패키지를 사용하여 XML를 파싱하는 경우,
XML 엘리먼트의 짝이 안맞는 등, 유효하지 않은 XML 구성이 탐지되면
ExpatError가 뜨는데,

  # XML 연산
catch ExpatError, e:
  # do something

NameError: global name 'ExpatError' is not defined라는 에러가 뜬다.

이를 해결하려면,
ExpatError를 catch하는 py 파일의 앞에, scope을 맞춰서

from xml.parsers.expat  import ExpatError

라고 넣어주자. 그러면, 문제 해결!!

While you are using XML packages such as ElementTree, you might want to handle
ExpatError which might be caused by invalid-format or missing tags and so on.

However, you will see another error message saying "NameError: global name 'ExpatError'
is not defined".  What you only have to solve this problem is just add a line on the top of
your code.

That is,

from xml.parsers.expat import ExpatError

It'll work, then.


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