Data Model to Relational Database

 Feature in Model Technique Used in Relational Database 
 Class  add a table with a primary key
 Attribute  add a field with an appropriate data type to the table
 Object  add a row of data to the table
 1-Many Relationship  use a foreign key, i.e., a reference to a particular row (or object) in the table at the 1 end of the relationship
 Many-Many Relationshop  add a new table and two 1-Many relationships
 OPtionality of 1 at the 1 end of a relationship  make the value of the foreignh key required
 Inheritence  add a table for each class, with 1-1 relationships between each child class and the parent (not an exact representation but OK)

from Table 7-1. Techiniques to represent aspects of the data model,
pp. 115, Beginning Database Design From Novice to Professional, Clare Churcher


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