Recommended Books for S/W & H/W Developers (@Intel)

Recommended Reading List

  1. Books for H/W Developers
    1. I/O Interconnection Technologies
      1. Designing High-Speed Interconnect Circuits/Dennis Miller
      2. Jitter, Noise, and Signal Integrity at High-Speed/Mike Peng Li
      3. Timing Analysis and Simulation for Signal Integrity Engineers/Greg Edlund
      4. High-Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic/Howard W. Johnson
      5. Introduction to PCI Express*/Adam Wilen, Justin Schade, and Ron Thornburg
      6. PCI Express* Electrical Interconnect Design/Dave Coleman, Scott Gardiner, Mohammad Kolbehdari and Stephen Peters
      7. PCI Express* System Architecture/Mindshare Inc, Ravi Budruk, Don Anderson, Tom Shanley
      8. USB Design by Example, Second Edition/John Hyde
      9. InfiniBand Architecture: Development and Deployment/William T. Futral
    2. Power and Thermal Management
      1. Thermal Guidelines For Data Processing Environments/TC9.9 MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES
      2. Building the Power Efficient PC/Jerzy Kolinski, Ram Chary, Andrew Henroid and Barry Press
      3. Datacom Equipment Power Trends and Cooling Applications/Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers American Society of Heating
      4. Hot Air Rises and Heat Sinks: Everything You Know About Cooling Electronics Is Wrong/Tony Kordyban
      5. Thermal Guidelines For Data Processing Environments/TC9.9 MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES
      6. Power Management in Mobile Devices/Findlay Shearer
      7. Thermal Management Handbook: For Electronic Assemblies/Jerry E. Sergent, Al Krum
    3. Storage Technologies
      1. Serial ATA Storage Architecture and Applications/Knut Grimsrud, Hubbert Smith
      2. Storage Network Performance Analysis/Huseyin Simitci
      3. Storage Networking Fundamentals/Marc Farley
    4. Wireless Technologies
      1. 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide/Matthew Gast
      2. Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies/Savo G. Glisic
      3. Implementing 802.11, 802.16, and 802.20 Wireless Networks/Ron Olexa
      4. Mobile Web Services/Ariel Pashtan
      5. Multi-Platform Wireless Web Applications: Cracking the Code/Dreamtech Software Team
      6. Real 802.11 Security: WiFi Protected Access and 802.11i/Jon Edney, William A. Arbaugh
      7. Ultra-wideband Radio Technology/Kazimierz Siwiak, Debra McKeown
      8. Ultra-wideband Wireless Communications and Networks/Xuemin Shen, Mohsen Guizani
      9. WiMAX Handbook/Frank Ohrtman
      10. WiMax Operator's Manual: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks/Daniel Sweeney
      11. Fundamentals of WiMAX: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking/Jeffrey G. Andrews, Arunabha Ghosh, Rias Muhamed
      12. Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition/Rob Flickenger, Roger Weeks
  2. Books for S/W Developers
    1. S/W Threading for Many Core Architectures
      1. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, Third Edition/John L. Hennessy and David Patterson
      2. Concurrent Programming in Java*: Design Principles and Patterns, Second Edition/Douglas Lea
      3. Multi-Core Programming/Shameem Akhter, Jason Roberts
      4. Multithreading Applications in Win32: The Complete Guide to Threads/Jim Beveridge, Robert Wiener
      5. Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP/Michael J. Quinn
      6. Parallel Programming in OpenMP/Rohit Chandra, et al
      7. Using OpenMP: Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming/Barbara Chapman, Gabriele Jost, Ruud van der Pas
      8. Parallel Programming with MPI/Peter Pacheco
      9. Patterns for Parallel Programming/Timothy G. Mattson, Beverly A. Sanders, Berna L. Massingill
      10. Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology/Andrew Binstock, Richard Gerber
      11. Programming with POSIX Threads/David R. Butenhof
      12. The Software Optimization Cookbook, Second Edition/Richard Gerber, Aart J.C. Bik, et al
      13. Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors/Stewart Taylor
      14. Intel Threading Building Blocks: Outfitting C++ for Multi-core Processor Parallelism/James Reinders
      15. Java Concurrency in Practice/Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, Doug Lea
      16. Threads Primer: A Guide to Multithreaded Programming/Bil Lewis, Daniel J. Berg
    2. Software Development
      1. Beyond BIOS/Vincent Zimmer, Michael Rothman, and Robert Hale
      2. Breaking Through the BIOS Barrier/Adrian Wong
      3. C Interfaces and Implementations: Techniques for Creating Reusable Software/David R. Hanson
      4. Code Complete, Second Edition/Steve McConnell
      5. IA64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation/David Mosberger, Stephane Eranian
      6. Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives/Stewart Taylor
      7. Mac OS X* Internals: A Systems Approach/Amit Singh
      8. Microsoft Windows* Internals, Fourth Edition/Mark E. Russinovich, David A. Solomon
      9. The C Programming Language, Second Edition/Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie
      10. The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard/Jim Miller, Susann Ragsdale
      11. The Software Vectorization Handbook/Aart J.C. Bik
      12. UPnP† Design by Example/Michael Jeronimo, Jack Weast
      13. VTune™ Performance Analyzer Essentials/James Reinders
      14. Windows System Programming, Third Edition/Johnson M. Hart
    3. High-Performance Computing
      1. Software Optimization for High-Performance Computing: Creating Faster Applications/Isom Crawford, Kevin Wadleigh
      2. Grid Computing: The New Frontier of High-Performance Computing (Volume 14)/Lucio Grandinetti
      3. High-Performance Cluster Computing: Architectures and Systems/Rajkumar Buyya
      4. High-Performance Computing Systems and Applications/Robert D. Kent, Todd W. Sands
      5. High-Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, OpenMosix and MPI/Joseph D Sloan
      6. High-Performance Computing: Paradigm and Infrastructure/Laurence T. Yang, Minyi Guo
      7. Principles of Transaction Processing/Philip A. Bernstein, Eric Newcomer
      8. Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques/Jim Gray, Andreas Reuter
      9. Using MPI2/William Gropp, et al
    4. Graphics and Gaming Technologies
      1. OpenGL® Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL®, Version 2.1, Sixth Edition/Dave hreiner, Mason Woo, Jackie Neider, Tom Davis
      2. OpenGL® Shading Language, Second Edition/Randi Rost
      3. Game Programming Gems 6/Mike Dickheiser
      4. Game Programming Gems 7/Scott Jacobs
      5. ShaderX5: Advanced Rendering Techniques/Wolfgang Engel
      6. OpenGL® Library, Fourth Edition/Dave Shreiner, Randi Rost
    5. Digital Home Technologies
      1. Audio in the 21st Century/Scott Janus
      2. Designing for Product Sound Quality/Richard H. Lyon
      3. Developing User Interfaces: Ensuring Usability Through Product & Process/Deborah Hix, H. Rex Hartson
      4. Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces/Charles Poynton
      5. Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games/Peter Turcan, Mike Wasson
      6. High-Definition Audio for the Digital Home/David Roach, Scott Janus, and Wayne Jones
      7. Power Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC), 2006 IEEE International Symposium IEEE Press
      8. Psychoacoustics: Facts and Models, Third Edition/Hugo Fastl and Eberhard Zwicker
      9. Usability in Practice: How Companies Develop User-Friendly Products/Michael E. Wiklund
    6. IT Strategic Considerations
      1. Managing Information Technology for Business Value/Martin Curley
      2. Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology/David Sward
      3. Managing IT Innovation for Business Value/Esther Baldwin and Martin Curley
    7. Data Center Technologies
      1. Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center/David Marshall, Wade A. Reynolds, Dave McCrory
      2. Definitive XML Schema/Priscilla Walmsley
      3. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Concepts, Technology, and Design/Thomas Erl
      4. Service Oriented Architecture Demystified/Girish Juneja, Blake Dournaee, Joe Natoli, and Steve Birkel
      5. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): A Planning and Implementation Guide for Business and Technology/Eric A. Marks, Michael Bell
      6. SOA Principles of Service Design/Thomas Erl
      7. Applied Virtualization Technology/Sean Campbell and Michael Jeronimo
      8. Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers/Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers American Society of Heating
      9. Internet Communications Using SIP: Delivering VoIP and Multimedia Services with Session Initiation Protocol/Henry Sinnreich, Alan B. Johnston
      10. IPTV Crash Course (Publish date Nov 2006)/Joseph M. Weber, Tom Newberry
      11. Itanium® Architecture for Programmers: Understanding 64-Bit Processors and EPIC Principles/James S. Evans, Gregory L. Trimper
      12. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture/Martin Fowler
      13. Scientific Computing on Itanium®-based Systems/Marius Cornea, Ping Tak Peter Tang, John Harrison
      14. Itanium® Architecture for Software Developers/Walter Triebel
      15. Programming Itanium®-based Systems/Walter Triebel, Joseph Bissell, Rick Booth
      16. Virtual Machines: Versatile Platforms for Systems and Processes/Jim Smith, Ravi Nair
      17. Server Consolidation With the IBM Eserver Xseries* 440 and Vmware Esx Server*/Steve Russell, Keith Olsen, Gabriel Sallah, Chandra Seetharaman, David Watts
      18. Switching to VoIP/Theodore Wallingford
    8. Business Client Technologies
      1. Building Applications with the Linux* Standard Base/Linux Standard Base Team
      2. Flash Memory Technologies: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using Flash Memory Devices/Joseph E. Brewer
      3. Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise/Chris Wolf, Erick M. Halter
      4. Practical Guide to Trusted Computing/David Challener, Kent Yoder, Ryan Catherman, David Safford, Leendert Van Doorn
      5. Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume I: NAC Framework Architecture and Design/Denise Helfrich, Lou Ronnau , Jason Frazier, Paul Forbes
      6. Windows Server* 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection (NAP)/Joseph Davies and Tony Northrup
      7. The Intel Safer Computing Initiative/David Grawrock


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