20080709 Install Ubuntu 7.10 & VMware-tools

[C] Installiation of Ubuntu 7.10
* downloaded the image file
* installation complete (without security packages)
* installed Ubuntu 8.04 (the latest version)
* failed to install other development packages on it
* version 8.04 seems NOT stable as 7.xx -> let's install version 7.10 instead
* it takes too long!! (about an hour)
  -> backing up the vmware image file after installation will be desirable

[C] Installation of vmware-tools
* choose 'Install VMware-tools' from the VMWare menu
* mount VMware tools from the desktop
* copy VMware tools tar.gz file to anywhere that i want
* extract the archive file, and change the permission to root user by 'sudo -i'
* execute vmware-install.pl


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