examples of symptoms

sore throat

a painful or sensitive condition of the throat exaggerated by swallowing or talking, usually caused by bacteria or viruses.

nasal congestion
stuffy nose

runny nose
watery mucus discharge from the nose as in the common cold

a sensation of coldness, often accompanied by shivering and pallor(paleness)
of the skin.

a severe recurring headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, characterized by sharp pain and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances

high blood pressure
elevation of the blood pressure or a condition reseulting from it; its medical term is 'hypertension'. abbreviation - HBP

cf. low blood pressure - hypotension

stiff neck
a condition of the neck such that the head cannot be moved without difficulty and pain.

insect bite
mosquito bite or any kinds of wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

bee sting
a sting from a bee

an injury turning the skin a dark color

caused by burning or irritation

to increase abnormally in size, as by inflation
e.g. Her ankles swelled from standing.

sprained ankle
happens when the ligaments have been damaged by the joint being twisted.

My back is sore
sore - physically painful or sensitive, as a wound, hurt, or diseased partt: a sore arm

to emit air or breath suddenly and forcibly through the nose and mouth by involuntary action.

I feel like throwing up [ vomit]

I have trouble with asthma.

breathing with difficulty and with a whistling sound
: Asthma caused him to wheeze.


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